Gertrude Polk Brown Lecture at the Filson Historical Society
Coal and Capitalism: Excerpt from Smithsonian Associates Talk
Wilton Library/Wilton Historical Society Scholarly Series
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In Conversation with Clay Risen, editor, New York Times
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Interview and documentary with HEC TV, St. Louis
In Conversation with Bloomsbury Editor Ben Hyman

Interview with Mitch Jeserich

Letters and Politics

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Interview with host Damian Collins MP

and Rep. David Cicilline 

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The Past, The Promise, The Presidency
Teddy Roosevelt & The Great Coal Strike 

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Interview with Robert Amsterdam

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Interview with Betsy Kim
Law, Life & Culture


Interview with Hopeton Hay
KAZI Book Review, Austin, Texas


Speaking with Carl Thornton WTHB, Augusta, South Carolina


Excerpt:  The Consequential Last Act of Leon Czolgosz


Excerpt : How a Dangerous, Exploitative Railroad Industry Created J.P. Morgan’s Fortune

The Coal Strike That Defined Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidency

To put an end to the standoff, the future progressive champion sought the help of a titan of business: J.P. Morgan

Essay adapted from The Hour of Fate for Bloomberg Businessweek: A look back at a 1902 coal strike that changed the American social contract. Could it happen again today?

A Q&A with Todd Van Luling of Chicago Review of Books, who says of The Hour of Fate: "Berfield uses detail-rich narratives to illustrate the nitty-gritty of the fight, illuminating what worked and potential pitfalls in the path to progressivism—making her book especially relevant as the upcoming presidential election nears."

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A Q&A with Karen Sieber of the Theodore Roosevelt Center about the research and writing process for The Hour of Fate, the leadership styles of JP Morgan and Theodore Roosevelt, and relevant lessons to be learned from the the end of the Gilded Age and beginning of the Progressive Era.